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Fractures in Granular Matter

Open doctoral position will start on January 1st, 2022

MSS paper featured in Laborjournal: „Insufficient evidence for ageing in protein dynamics“, Nature Physics 17, 773-774 (2021)

2015 berichtet ein Forschungsteam: Proteine altern. Das Paper haben sich zwei Wissenschaftler genauer angesehen und widersprechen. Altern bei Proteinen sei noch nicht bewiesen.

MSS uses additive manufacturing to mimic human organs for the calibration of computed tomography

MSS has developed significant expertise in additive manufacturing. Around one hundred students learn a plethora of 3D printing processes every year.
In collaboration with partners from medical imaging, MSS 3D-printed imitations of human organs for the calibration of single-photon emission computed tomography.
These so-called phantoms represent the appearance of a typical patient’s brain and allow the calibration of the process with the aim of higher resolution images of the actual patient.

We welcome our new PhD student Ayman Ameen at MSS

He will work in the field: Image reconstruction for Electrical Impedance Tomography using AI approaches

We welcome our new PhD student Atharva Pandit at MSS

He will work in the field: Tracking of particles and image reconstruction in multi-beam X-ray tomography

We welcome our new PhD student Meysam Bagheri at MSS

He will work in the field: Physics of drying suspensions

We welcome our new PhD student Sarthak Jadhav at MSS

He will work in the field of DEM simulations of 3D printing processes

Lehromat 1000 – MSS supports public schools in teaching under pandemic conditions

For the large group of students in elementary and secondary schools, the government’s response to the spreading Covid-19 pandemic means that classes will be cancelled for long periods of time. An alternative to distance learning is alternate teaching. Here, half of the class is taught at the school, while the other half of the students are taught at home via distance learning. The Lehromat 1000 is a device designed to assist the teacher in alternate teaching. With its help, the non-present students are fully involved in what is happening in the classroom.

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We welcome our new PhD student Holger Götz at MSS

He will work on the optimization of a robotic granular gripper using simulations and machine learning.