New positions at MSS


Olfa D’Angelo published the article „Granular piston-probing in microgravity: powder compression from densification to jamming“ in npj Microgravity.

This articles shows experimental evidence that granular jamming happens at a lower packing fraction under microgravity than under Earth gravity. Check out the full article:

Adriana Enriquez Florat has a BAYLAT scholarship at MSS

Adriana from University of Havana, Kuba, received a scholarship to study in „controlled motion induced by acoustic resonance“.

We appreciate that Dr. Artem Panchenko is our new Postdoc at MSS

Artem works on the project „Homogenization of granular pipe flow“ using CFD-DEM simulation.

We are pleased about working together with Prof. Dr. Ebrahimnazhad Rahbari

School of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Seoul National University

Vasileios Angelidakis was invited to deliver a virtual talk at the 2022 International Conference on Green Intelligent Mining of Thick Coal Seam held at Beijing during 23-25 July 2022

The talk was entitled „Towards systematic image-informed modelling of granular materials with irregular particles“.

We are glad that Huzaif Rahim is our new PhD student

He will be working on „Investigation of Weissenberg effect in granular media“.

Vasileios Angelidakis was invited to the YADE Hackathon held at TU Bergakademie in Freiberg, Saxony during 23-24 June 2022

Olfa D’Angelo was elected as chair of the next Gordon Research Seminar. She will be responsible for organising the seminar in 2024 at Stonehill College, with the help of her co-chair, Navid Hooshanginejad from Brown University.

At the Gordon Conference 2022 on Granular Matter, Olfa D’Angelo won two poster prizes: one for the Gordon Research Seminar (GRS, for young scientists) and one for the Gordon Research Conference (GRC). She was therefore invited to give a talk at the GRC.

We appreciate that Dr. Hongyi Xiao is our new Postdoc at MSS

Dr. Xiao studies the mechanics and physics of granular materials with special interests in their structure-property relations, and will extend his research to study granular problems in additive manufacturing.

Olfa D’Angelo was invited to speak about the rheology of granular fluids at the 31st Dutch Soft Matter Meeting in Delft