Welcome to the Granular Paperclub

Presently, we meet during semester terms every third week Tuesday at 16:00, alternating between two locations (MSS, Nägelsbachstr. 49b and Theoretical Physics I, Staudtstr. 7).

If you are interested in the paperclub you can join our mailing list here (non FAU email addresses will need further confirmation of the moderators to be enlisted).


Next meeting:

9. May 2017
P.K. Morse and E.I. Corwin, „Geometric Signatures of Jamming in the Mechanical Vacuum“, Physical Review Letters 112, 115701 (2014)

We will meet at Theoretical Physics, B3, 01.683.


Past meetings:


12. Dez 2016 K. Harth, U. Kornek, T. Trittel, U. Strachauer, S. Höme, K. Will, and R. Stannarius, „Granular Gases of Rod-Shaped Grains in Microgravity“ Physical Review Letters 110, 144102 (2013)
21. Nov 2016 A. Cohen, S. Dorosz, A. Schofield, T. Schilling, and E. Sloutskin, „Structural Transition in a Fluid of Spheroids: A Low-Density Vestige of Jamming“ Physical Review Letters 116, 098001 (2016)
02. Nov 2016 T. Matsushima, and R. Blumenfeld, „Universal Structural Characteristics of Planar Granular Packs“ Physical Review Letters 112, 098003 (2014)
12. July 2016 H. Liu, X. Xie, and N. Xu, „Finite Size Analysis of Zero-Temperature Jamming Transition under Applied Shear Stress by Minimizing a Thermodynamic-Like Potential“ Physical Review Letters 112, 145502 (2014)
21. June 2016 N. Y. C. Lin, B. M. Guy, M. Hermes, C. Ness, J. Sun, W. C. K. Poon, and I. Cohen, „Hydrodynamic and Contact Contributions to Continuous Shear Thickening in Colloidal Suspensions“ Physical Review Letters 115, 228304 (2015)
31. May 2016 E. Opsomer, F. Ludewig, and N. Vandewalle, „Dynamical clustering in driven granular gas“ Europhysics Letters 99, 4 (2012)
03. May 2016 D. Bi, J. Zhang, R. P. Behringer and B. Chakraborty, „Fluctuations in shear-jammed states: A statistical ensemble approach“ Europhysics Letters 102, 3 (2013)
12. Apr 2016 D. Asenjo, F. Paillusson, D. Frenkel, „Numerical Calculation of Granular Entropy”, Physical Review. Letters 112, 098002 (2014)
Supplementary slides by Michael Engel can be found here.
21. Mar 2016 G. Castillo, N. Mujica, and R. Soto, „Fluctuations and Criticality of a Granular Solid-Liquid-Like Phase Transition“, Physical Review Letters 109, 095701 (2012)
22. Feb 2016 J. Aguilar and D. I. Goldman, „Robophysical study of jumping dynamics on granular media“, Nature Physics (2015)
01. Feb 2016 J. Deseigne, O. Dauchot, and H. Chate, „Collective Motion of Vibrated Polar Disks“, Physical Review Letters 105, 098001 (2010)
11. Jan 2016 K. van der Vaart, P. Gajjar, G. Epely-Chauvin, N. Andreini, J. M. N. T. Gray, and C. Ancey, „Underlying Asymmetry within Particle Size Segregation“, Physical Review Letters 114, 238001 (2015)