Wenn Körner in Röhren steigen

Siebenbeinige Käfer simulieren Staubwolken

Synopsis: Capillary Effect in Grains Explained

MSS article selected as “Editor’s Suggestion” at Physical Review Letters and featured by a “Focus Story” in “Physics”

Flash Physics: Vibrots simulate granular gas, cosmic bridge is magnetic, Hydrogen bonds measured directly

Focus: Self-Spinning Grains Prove Granular Theory

Granulare Materie: Verblüffendes Experiment testet Sandsturm-Physik

MSS article selected as “Editor’s Suggestion” and featured by a “Focus Story” in “Physics”

Physical Review Letters cover shows MSS image

Structure of granular packings due to sequential deposition

PhD defense by Nikola Topic

Hydrodynamik Modeling of Granular Materials

PhD defense by Lídia Almazán Torres

Mesoscopic Particle-based Fluid Dynamics in Complex Geometries

PhD defense by Severin Strobl

Paper on DNA-programmable self-assembly published in the journal ‚Science‘

A research collaboration involving Prof. Michael Engel reported the self-assembly of gold nanoparticles of a particular shape with DNA ligands into clathrate colloidal crystals. The work required a combined effort of state-of-the-art synthesis techniques and DEM computer simulations.